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Wolf People :: Wolf Pack Update

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Wolf People :: Wolf Pack Update

Wolf Pack Update

May, 2008

We're elated to report that Waka, daughter of Casper and Crystal and Teddy, son of Mika and Cryco and brother of Mimi are the proud parents of two pups! A boy and a girl. They were born on Friday, May 23. We are of course very excited! Enapay had his 1st birthday on April 29th and Legacy, Nashoba, Maiah and Hanta Yo had their 1 year birthdays on May 2nd. Happy Birthday to them and a very special thanks to all of their sponsors!  Thank you to all of the well-wishers among you and thank you for supporting these little guys.
Some background for new visitors: Early in the morning, Wednesday, May 2, 2007 Coco blessed us with seven beautiful, but noisy, little bundles of joy. The first three entered the world easily enough but "Number 4" seemed to struggle to make it out and that caused us a little distress. But, he (or she) made it and the remaining three soon followed.  Coco is doing very well after her delivery.  She was eating 5 lbs. of meat, two times a day just after her pups were born. She has returned to her routine diet and is in wonderful health.  Coco's pups are all doing very well now.  Four have left to join new homes and their owners report that they're doing very well and getting accustomed to their new surroundings.
Hedge, the beautiful son of Mika and Cryco, sired these pups before he succumbed to complications from an intestinal infection on March 29, 2007.  He was a wonderful, loving mate to Coco Cabe and we miss him terribly.
Hedge's body was donated to the college of veterinary medicine at Washington State University, Pullman.  They were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about wolf physiology this way and we saw it as a way to honor Hedge's life.
We lost Cochise in January, Hedge in March and twelve-year-old Gabrielle (Gabe) died of uncertain causes in April.  Sad as it is to lose them, we still feel their spirits very strongly.
The Seven Sisters

Mika and Cryco's youngsters, Teddy and Mimi, turned five years old this April 2007. Their older brother, Hedge, would have turned six. Coco Cabe will be six this year. This, of course, is bittersweet.  As much as we miss Hedge, there is some solace in having his cubs with us now and all are happy, healthy and growing like...wolves!
Nancy recently made a trip to Montana and returned with two very handsome, male tundra wolf pups.  They are permanent members of the Wolf People pack and we have already named them.  One is "Hanta Yo."  It means "Clear The Way" in the Lakota language, we're told. The other we named "Enapay".  It's from the Sioux language and means "The Brave One."
So welcome Hanta Yo and Enapay!  We'll have photos of these little guys up in a few days so check back. 
As you can imagine, Wolf People is going to be BUSY and we will keep you up to date. Full details and photos will be in the Fall edition of The Wolf People Reporter.
Kiwis'as, in the photo at the left, was born in Tennessee in April, 2001. She joined our pack when she was only 14 days old. She enjoys spending her days with Baci. You can see their photos and read about them on our "Sponsor A Wolf" page.

Of course, the biggest news has been Mohawk.  He was born May 6, 2006 in a litter of four pups, to proud parents, Hache' Hi and Wapithe.  Grandparents, Mika and Cryco were beaming with joy.  Little Mohawk's siblings went to private packs but we kept him at Wolf People to be one of our ambassadors.  As it turns out, Mohawk has been one of our most popular wolves, to date.  He's playful and loves meeting everyone. Mimi and Mohawk
These days Mohawk makes daily visits to the store but his biggest day yet was May 6, 2007 when he turned a year old.  "Mohawk Day" was a lot of fun.  We all enjoyed plenty of goodies and Mohawk received lots of toys and treats.  The highlight of the day was a visit from Mohawk's sister, Luna.  The two yearlings hadn't seen each other for over nine months and, when reunited, they played for hours.  It was really fun to watch.
By the way, Mohawk's hip problem hasn't been bothering him too much.  The warm summer days and lots of playing keep him pretty limber. He endured a recent visit to the vet for x-rays and with that behind him he can focus on enjoying life at Wolf People. He's a very healthy little guy and, at over 80 pounds now, it's getting harder to tell Mohawk from the adult wolves.  For those of you Mohawk fans, (and who isn't?) we just received mousepads and coffee cups adorned with his handsome face.  Look for those in the on-line store very soon!

  The Wolf People Reporter, 

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