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Wolf People :: Wolf People Announcements

Wolf People Announcements



Save Idaho's Wolves! 
There Are Several Ways You Can Voice Your Feelings...
Support Defenders of WildlifeJudging by the volume of email and phone calls we're receiving at the Wolf People Visitor Center, a great many of you are aware that the wolves of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana are facing their loss of protection afforded them under the Endangered Species Act.
We at Wolf People share your concern and like you, we want to get all of the facts so we can understand what's going to happen, why and when.
First, let's get smart!  Visit this U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website to learn more about gray wolves, the proposed de-listing and the public hearing schedule: 
Next, here's what you can do TODAY to show your support for the environment and the vital part wolves play in its balance.
Go to the Defenders of Wildlife (DOW) website at:
If you agree that wolves are "myth-understood," you can learn how to become a Wolf Mythbuster.  The link, below, will take you directly to the Wolf Mythbuster action page where you can send some eCards to people to voice your feelings:   
The DOW is also working on getting 60,000 letters sent to Dale Hall, the head of the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.  So far, we have over 50,000.  To write your own letter, look for the button at the top of the Wolf Mythbuster action page that says Take Action.  Click on that and write your letter to Mr. Hall.  You can customize the letter and we encourage you to do it.
Finally, contact Idaho Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter and express your outrage at his position in support of open wolf hunting.  Use this link:  http://gov.idaho.gov/ourgov/contact.html
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is also fighting for the wolf and the environment.  Learn about the NRDC Action Fund at: http://www.nrdcactionfund.org
The NRDC also provides you a way to voice your views about the needless slaughter of wolves.  Go to this page at the NRDC website to speak your mind:  http://www.nrdcactionfund.org/wolfaerial.
Thank you for your work on this!
More Announcements
We are proud to announce that Wolf People celebrated being in business for 15 years in June, 2008. We have expanded so much since starting out back in 1993. Through our store tours and field visits we have brought the "real" wolf to thousands of people. It has been a fun, interesting, and rewarding journey and we pray that we will continue to grow and reach thousands more.

Of course, the biggest news in a long time for us is what we call "Mohawk Madness."  Our newest cub has won the hearts of hundreds and hundreds of people who have met him, held him and played with him.  Mohawk is our most sponsored wolf to date.  Mohawk was born with a hip socket that didn't develop completely but he is doing very well and extremely happy! 
If you'd like to be a Mohawk supporter, too, just visit our Sponsor a Wolf link on the left.
Wolf Cub

We now have our very own Wolf People coloring book that is sure to delight children of all ages. How fun it will be to color the wolves in our pack! See and learn more about it in our online store. Just click on Little Wolf People on the left.

Wolf People Educational VideoWe have had the opportunity to team up with Gibby Media Group out of Spokane, Washington, to produce our first wolf educational video featuring the wolves from our pack. It is informative, professional, and beautiful. With this 48-minute DVD we hope to tell our story to many people so they too can come to know and love the wolf as we do. You may order it online from the store's Educational Products section.

In addition to these exciting new projects, we have expanded the Cocolalla, ID store into 7 rooms of many new products but have kept the favorite items as well. Stop by to see and talk with us about what we have been up to and learn what's next for Wolf People!

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